Microsoft teams up with BMW to put Skype communication in cars


Microsoft teams up with BMW to put Skype communication in cars

Microsoft is expanding its partnership with the giant German car manufacturer, BMW to enable Skype for Business in cars that use BMW’s iDrive system.

BMW was also one of the first car manufacturers to integrate Microsoft Office 365 services in their cars.

This latest feature communications feature in BMW cars, will let owners take Skype meetings in their cars through the built-in entertainment system.

The system will trigger notifications for meetings and will allow drivers to dial-in without having to enter the conference number details manually.

BMW will also enable tighter integration with calendars, contacts, and to-do lists all from Microsoft’s Exchange service.

The Skype for Business feature by BMW, will be rolled out in France, Germany and the UK initially before it expanding it to other countries.

Earlier this year, BMW also revealed plans to integrate Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant into some of their cars as part of Microsoft’s Connected Vehicle vision.

BMW sees connected cars as the future and they plan to let drivers access Cortana through a dashboard screen, with the ability to easily access to-do lists, news, reminders, events and other Cortana features.

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