Heated car seats reduce male fertility – new study


Heated car seats reduce male fertility - new study

Heated car seats reduce male fertility a new study has revealed

Researchers have discovered that heated car seats may be contributing to a lower sperm count reducing fertility.

Men who want to start a family should steer clear of heated car seats, according to a new study published recently in the Netherlands.

The study found that sitting on a heated car seat for just one hour increased the temperature of the male genitals by up to 0.6 degrees, potentially damaging sperm production.

Scientists in Miami University also found that keeping laptops on laps could raise the temperature of the lap by one-degree centigrade, from the heat generated by the computer battery.

The findings were published in the journal European Urology Focus, based in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

They also warned men who wanted children to avoid spending time in hot tubs too. The authors said:

“These various factors should all be considered by clinicians when managing patients’ fertility issues.”

Do not regard this as a reliable method of contraception, we say.     


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