€25m in motor tax denied to Limerick according to Councillor


Over €42 million euro was collected in motor tax last year in Limerick but only a small part of this was actually spent on the road network according to Fine Gael’s Councillor Adam Teskey.

At a meeting in Limerick, he informed Adare and Rathkeale councillors that just €16.8m was spent out of a total of €42m on local and regional roads in 2017. His main question was, what happened the remaining €25.6m?

“I would like to know where is it going? Is it going to other areas?”

“Some of our roads are impassable,” the Rathkeale councillor continued. Some, he argued, were as bad as in the early 1900s. “Where are we going?”,” he demanded. It was time, he said, to “put County Limerick first. “

“We have to step up to the plate. We are always fighting for extra money. But there is funding there and I am looking for a break-down of that €25m,”

€25m in motor tax denied to Limerick according to Councillor

Kevin Sheahan who is a Fianna Fail Councillor agreed:

“There is an injustice being committed of the people of Limerick,” he declared. And he said it was “unacceptable and intolerable” that €25m of money collected in Limerick was being spent elsewhere.

“It is an act of treachery to send the money elsewhere. It would be all right if our own roads were in good condition. Why do they have to take money from us?”

It was pointed out at the meeting that a new system allowed all complaints about roads to be logged. They saw the need for more money from road tax to be put into the road system. One Councillor suggested that “massive more funding” was needed.


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